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Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

Foto Cowok Seksi Choky Sitohang

Choky Sitohang is gorgeous presenter from Indonesia. With a calm face also forms a beautiful and athletic body, making Choky Sitohang called a guy handsome and Handsome Boys. In addition to designation as a Cowok Ganteng, Cowok Tampan and as Cowok Keren, Choky Sotohang known as Presenter Ganteng.

To launch the career of the presenter of the show Take Me Out, now Choky Sitohang has played in several famous films from Indonesia. Because of that handsome face, now Choky Sitohang starting role in the movie sms, along laudya cynthia bella.

Foto Choky Sitohang
Foto Keren Choky Sitohang

After a successful playing popular artist in the film along with Indonesia and the Indonesian artist's beautiful, Choky Sitohang now begin to introduce her boyfriend and has now officially become his wife. Women are very fortunate to get a guy Cute and Sexy Boys, the woman is Melisa Aryani.

Foto Choky Sitohang
Photo Choky Sitohang

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