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Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

Foto Charly st12 Band Cowok Keren

Foto Charly Band St12
Photo Charly St12

Charly van houttens.

ST12 is a music group beraliran Malay music. ST12 was established in Bandung by Ilham Febry alias Pepep (drum), Dedy Sudrajat alias Pepeng (guitar), Charly van Houten Muhammad alias Charly (vokal), and Iman Rush (guitar). Charly

Initially, the four personnel each other is not known, although they have been long working in the music world. They began to familiar often met after the rental studio in Station Road East 12, Bandung, property Pepep. They also finally officially established ST12 on 20 January 2005. ST12 is a name that’s short Jl. No East station. 12 is the name of the father Pepep, Helmi Aziz.

Actually the song “Puspa” not a song with the slow intonation and mendayu-dayu, like most sad song. Songs that were perfect Puspa ST12 has a rhythm by a la chacha cheery. Liriknya also entertaining. See only syairnya; “Do not you do not reject Cintaku, perhaps you do not trima Cintaku. Putuskanlah only pacarmu, and says to me I Love You, “as part of the lyrics reffrain the track.

Cowo Ganteng, Cowok Ganteng, Cowok Telanjang, Cowok Seksi, Cowok Keren.

Soundtrack lagu Cinta dan Anugrah, Puspa, Saat Terakhir.

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