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Rabu, 02 September 2009

Raffi Ahmad Laki-laki Keren

Raffi Ahmad

Biography of Rafi Ahmad by

borned in Bandung, West Java (Indonesia) 17 February 1987 with name Raffi Faridz Ahmad. His Father is Munawar and his mother is Amy Qanita both of them come from Indonesia. Rafi is first from three brother.

Rafi Ahmad has height 172 cm and weight 61 kg. Start his career as a presenter, after his handsome face become familiar in Indonesia, He start to staring a cinema television like: Senandung Masa Puber, Juragan Jengkol and Me Vs High Heels.

No just in television Rafi Ahmad also staring some films, like: Panggil Namaku 3x and Love is Cinta. Raffi also staring Extravaganza ABG.

Beside being an actor and presenter Raffi also become a singer to Bukan Bintang Biasa (BBB) with Laudya Cyntia Bella, Chelsea Olivia, Ayushita and Dimas Beck. That group made by Melly Goeslaw, popular with Lets Dance Together song. Not just a hits but BBB make a film BBB. Raffi Ahmad also staring film Liar that released in 2008.

Full Name : Raffi Faridz Ahmad
Nickname : Raffi Ahmad
Place / Date of birth : Bandung, 17 Februari 1987
Father's Name : Munawar Ahmad (alm)
Mother's Name : Amy Qanita
Religion : Islam
Weight : 61 kg
Height : 172 cm
Zodiak : Aquarius
Hobby : Watch Movies, Jacket collection

* SMU 3 Senior High School, Jakarta

* Frozz
* C59 T-shirt
* Kit Kat
* Iebe
* Esco

1. Finalis Cover Boy Aneka 2001
2. Best Actor SCTV Award 2006 (Juragan Jengkol)

* AFI 2005/2006 (Indosiar)
* Pesta Air (RCTI)
* Hip Hip Hura (SCTV)
* Ekspressi (Indosiar)
* Musik by Request (SCTV)
* Musik Kolaborasi (SCTV)

* Joe N' Jill (FTV - 2001)
* Aku Cinta di lantai 9 (Trans TV - 2003)
* Senandung Masa Puber (Trans TV - 2004)
* Juragan Lenong (SCTV - 2004)
* Apa Kata Hatiku (SCTV - 2004)
* Jato Cinte (ANTV - 2001)
* Aku Ingin Hidup (SCTV - 2004)
* Juragan Jengkol (SCTV - 2004)
* Me vs High Heels (ANTV - 2005)
* Asyiknya Pacaran (TV 7 - 2004)
* Bisikan Dari Atas (SCTV - 2005)
* Jodoh Aretta (FTV - 2005)
* Tikus & Kucing (FTV - 2006)
* Si Bacot Kompor Meleduk (FTV - 2006)
* Rebut Matahariku
* Di Ujung Janji
* Berondong
* Extravaganza ABG (Trans TV - 2007)
* Legenda eps.Si Kabayan (Trans TV - 2007)
* Olivia (RCTI - 2007)
* Andai ku Tahu (RCTI - 2007)
* Romantika Remaja (SCTV - 2007)
* Do Bee Do (RCTI - 2008)
* Dimas dan Raka (Global TV - 2008)

Rafii Ahmad

* Ada Hantu di Sekolah (2004)
* Me vs High Heels (2005)
* Panggil Namaku Tiga Kali (2005) as Brian
* Bukan Bintang Biasa (2007)
* Love is Cinta (2007) as Doni
* 40 Hari Bangkitnya Pocong (2008)
* Liar (2008)
* Asoy Geboy (2008)

* MindNSoul (Melly Goeslaw with BBB - Bukan Bintang Biasa - Dimas Beck, Laudya Cinthya Bella, Chelsea Olivia Wijaya and Ayushita)

Become holy month of Ramadan which soon arrived, pesinetron and young presenters, Rafi Ahmad has its own tricks of fasting this year let better than last year. He acknowledged, fasting last year a lot of holes alias void. With kehausanlah reason, kecapaianlah and lemeslah.

"This year should be even better," said Rafi determined as seen in the Jakarta Design Center, Thursday (14 / 9).

One of the tips that are believed, the artist friend Bella Roselle Nava is, umtuk powerful enough to launch his intention is to reduce dating. "Although it is now we rarely see," said Rafi. He was sure that seeing it can make fast void. "Yes, can alone, dating can cancel if you kiss," he said lightly.

Today Rafi was making love with a girl, who according to her records, boyfriend number four. His name was Ratna Galih, Makasaar origin and is now the road for 8 months. "Familiar with my shooting time," said Rafi. "And this is the first joint with him," he added.

Squire Diututurkan jengkol soap star is, the concept of dating a dianutnya with Rachael, the concept of going out looking happy. "What are going out looking for instead bete, where enaknya," he said lightly. "The important thing is communication and trust, if the match would not be anywhere," he added.

In addition to reducing courtship, dibualan this Ramadan, Rafi ketiban many of the most gawean could not make herself busy and can ngebuburit. A favorite foods Rafi

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